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What is Operation Hurricane? And why has it turned a 15-year-old into the most hunted person on the planet?

Boyd isn't the easiest kid to get along with; he doesn't really like anyone at school and hasn't got much in common with his family. When his father suddenly goes missing, he goes after answers the only way he knows how; by taking on anyone who gets in his way.


But a deadly global force is developing a new technology that has the power to twist time and alter the balance of our future, and they will do anything to protect it.

If Boyd wants to find the truth and save everything he cares about, he's going to have to fight an enemy that's hell-bent on changing the world forever.

It's time for a new hero. It's time to meet Boyd.

The unmissable new adventure series, full of blistering action that leaps off the page – for fans of CHERUB, Alex Rider and His Dark Materials.

All heroes have a history... every story has a beginning.  This is the origin of Section X – a novella from the universe of The Evan Boyd Adventures!

The battle for time begins in 1942...

Charlie is just a schoolboy thief going about his business when he makes an enemy of the most feared gangster in London. When Charlie is forced to help the gang hunt a notorious criminal, known as The Phantom; things will never be the same again.

But who is the mysterious organisation watching his every move? And why are they convinced he can lead them to a top-secret machine that could change the course of World War II?

Charlie has no clue that he’s linked to a highly classified department in British Intelligence and this one night will set events in motion that will change the future.


Out of time and way out of his depth - Charlie is going to need some serious help to make it out of this in one piece...

Go back to where it all began and get hooked on a whole new set of heroes!

Join Section X today and I will send you this 20,000 word Novella FREE!

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