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The Adventure Begins...

So, it's out there. Operation Hurricane has launched and it feels absolutely cracking to finally say that!

But what feels even better, is that my social feeds and messages are filling up with pictures of people holding a copy... some are selfies, some are young adults with their faces stuck in it... and I have to tell you, I don't think I can describe how breathtaking that is - but, you've seen the size of the book, I always manage to find the words!

Some of you may know that I play in a band, which is an incredible hobby to have. The feeling when you connect with people through music is a bit spiritual, a little bit tribal and very, very cool. But connecting with people whom I've never met through this world that I created in Hurricane? That's like playing Wembley... three nights in a row... sold out.

Thank you for sharing, keep it up and happy reading!

Until next time...



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